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The credit bureau is a so-called credit reference agency. In this way, the contracting parties of credit bureau should be protected against possible loan losses. Citizens have the right to receive free self-assessment once a year. How to obtain a free credit bureau self-disclosure is explained in the following legal question. The credit bureau, the protection association for general credit protection, is a German credit agency based in Wiesbaden, over which again and again much of the half-knowledge is speculated.

credit bureau information, where can I get this?

credit bureau information, where can I get this?

According to §34 of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) this information is free of charge. It will take about three months to get into the mailbox. If you prefer a little shorter, you can ask for information about 29.95 USD at the credit bureau in Wiesbaden. With the credit bureau or with me on the start page. Here you can look in every day for free in your own credit bureau.

How and where do I receive free credit bureau information?

How and where do I receive free credit bureau information?

The credit bureau is a so-called credit reference agency. Consumer data is stored and passed on to companies. In this way, the business partners of credit bureau are to be protected against possible payment defaults. The citizen has the right to receive a free self-assessment once a year. This has the advantage: Self takes over the awkward Schreibkam and procures the self-knowledge not only with the credit bureau, but also with other offerers.

Who wants to conclude a new mobile phone contract or needs a new contract, inevitably stumbles over the so-called credit bureau clauses. Despite the negative credit bureau loans received – Which is it? Trainee loans without credit bureau and citizens? Credit despite positive credit bureau – What to do? It is becoming increasingly popular in the Federal Republic to take out a installment loan ….

credit bureau score and credit scoring in the lending business: Credit scoring has been used by banks for years …. Prepaid card without credit bureau and low fees: credit bureau collects information from all areas. The citizen has the right to receive a free self-assessment once a year – and this right should be exploited in any case.

This is particularly convenient via the Selfgone portal, which receives the self-report not only from credit bureau but also from other organizations. What information is saved by the credit bureau? In the credit bureau contact (name, address) and order data (checking accounts, loans, telecommunication contracts, customer accounts) are stored. The information must first be treated neutral. Therefore, having a contribution to the credit bureau is not always detrimental.

In the credit bureau but also negative data such. These include, for example, different payment practices, misappropriation of bank accounts or cards, or official communications (such as the filing of affidavits or the initiation of insolvency proceedings). However, the credit bureau calculates several so-called points. From the stored values ​​a fictitious amount is calculated, which corresponds to the eventual default risk.

First, the value-free information (eg relocation, number of current accounts or mobile phone contracts) are also taken into account. What is the functioning of the self-display? This self-report must be requested in writing. Another platform for self-disclosure is Selfgone. Selfgone sends automatic information inquiries by fax. The request for disclosure goes not only to the credit bureau, but to just under 40 organizations that may have personal information.

In addition to the well-known credit agencies, these include address dealers, tenant information, loyalty card programs and information dealers. Why should you check your post? A negative credit bureau registration can have considerable consequences. In addition to these negative inputs, you should also check all other stored data. Therefore, every citizen should regularly check what the credit bureau stores – and above all:

the correctness of all stored information. It is undisputed that errors can also occur in the millions of records stored. It is therefore a legal obligation to find out about yourself once a year for free. With this self-report one experiences all information, which was deposited to the own person.