Instant approval payday loans are possible in some States

Is it possible to get more than € 6,000 in less than two days and return it in several years?

The credit map of the Spanish market has evolved over the last decade oriented, mainly, to immediacy. The economic crisis transformed existing credit granting models and at the same time that banks closed the tap on financing, private equity companies introduced mini loans and quick loans. In this way, loan financing has been directed towards speeding up and granting smaller amounts. Today, ten years after the beginning of the crisis, the new model is settling down and speed has also been installed in the granting of loans of instant approval payday loans online higher amounts. Although, generally the companies of private capital are still the only ones that can offer loans of more than 6,000 euros in 48 h.

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Where can I get loans of more than € 6,000 in 48 hours?

If we access traditional banking we can find loans of more than 6,000 euros, however, the time of granting these credits can be delayed until 5 or 10 days. However, if we do not have excessive hurry, we can find interesting products such as the Orange Loan of ING Direct, which allows you to request up to 60,000 euros, with an interest starting from 4.95% TIN and in a maximum term of 7 years.

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Private equity companies are still the fastest at the time of granting money instantly. Specifically, if we want a loan of more than 6,000 euros and we need it in the shortest possible time we can go to companies like Cetelem. The Cetelem Personal Loan allows up to 50,000 euros in 48 hours, to be repaid in a maximum of 8 years and with an interest of 5.95% TIN (if the loan is for the purpose of buying a car or housing reform) or 6.95% (for any other purpose).

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If we still choose traditional banking, another option is to check if our bank offers us a pre-granted loan. In that case, we can get financing in less than 48 hours.

Can I get a loan of more than € 6,000 without a payroll?

Both the bank and the credit company will require us to have a stable, regular income, sufficient to cover future financing and, not least, to be demonstrable.

Therefore, although having a payroll is a point in favor, we can get a personal loan of more than 6,000 euros if we have a pension, or if we are self-employed and present the payments of the fees.