Mortgage Loans

The mere thought that someone can take your property drives you to fear. Loans in which real estate serves as a type of guarantee and pledge pose a particular risk. In the event that the borrower is unable to pay the loan, the lender may take the property and try to settle the outstanding debt by selling it.

Encouraged by this, financial experts listened to the market and created loans without mortgages. This means that the borrower does not need to give a mortgage on the property, but can request the loan without a pledge.

Why Money Loans Without a Mortgage

Why Money Loans Without a Mortgage

Moving on to a mortgage has opened up a larger market, especially when it comes to young people. Unlike the older generations, they did not have real estate during this period, and until recently they could not even borrow. Mortgage free mortgages have facilitated the journey to a larger mass of people living an accelerated lifestyle and seeking quick solutions to their problems, both business and financial. In just a few steps without a pledge, the solution to financial difficulties is at the pier. with an internet loan.

Lending has become an increasingly popular way of lending money as fewer banks and other lending and financial institutions seek collateral and it is not necessary for a loan seeker to be employed. Borrowers other than workers may apply for retirees who, until recently, have been a marginalized group when it comes to loans and loans.

What are non-mortgage cash loans?

What are non-mortgage cash loans?

Mortgage-free loans mean relatively small amounts of money that a loan user repays over a short repayment period. As the name implies, the borrower need not pledge the property. Most often, loans without a guarantee are paid up to 6000 kuna, with a maximum repayment period of up to 150 days.

Since these are small sums of money, this type of money loan usually does not require certification by a notary public or by an employer.

Why is it easier to get a loan?

Why is it easier to get a loan than a loan?

Unlike loans, loans are mostly given in smaller amounts and are easier to obtain. In addition, the process of obtaining them is also facilitated by the fact that banks are not the only ones that can lend. Specifically, credit and other financial institutions authorized by the Croatian National Bank may issue cash loans.

In the loan agreement, the lender can be any natural or legal person, and in the loan agreement the lender is, as a rule, a bank. Accordingly, the loan can be given by a bank or any other financial institution, but also by non-banking and non-financial institutions. Equally, the process of obtaining a loan is faster than other types of loans because there is an informal agreement in the loan agreement, while the loan agreement must be made in writing.

The fastest solution in “critical” situations

Mortgage-free cash loans cover unforeseen situations that require an immediate injection of less money. Since they are not dedicated, the borrower can use them for whatever they want. Banks basically require a potential customer to be a customer for at least three months, while other credit institutions require that the customer has regular income and settle their debts on time.

What both parties agree is that the account must not be blocked or protected, and a new loan cannot be issued until the old one is paid off. This means that if the spouses have a joint account, as long as they do not settle their debts, they cannot claim a new loan because the same current account is debited.

That is, a husband / wife cannot claim a loan if a loan has already been repaid from the same account. Only after the debt is repaid can I claim a new loan without a mortgage.