The mission of the Wayne County Historical Society is to collect, preserve, and interpret artifacts and experiences that reflect the cultural heritage of the county for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations.
We believe it’s the little things that count in bringing history to life: the unique texture of hand-hewn logs, chiseled sandstone and handmade brick, the curve of a delicate staircase banister, a well-proportioned wood moulding or the dashboard of a horse-drawn sleigh. It’s the shine of the engraved brass patchbox on a muzzle-loading rifle, the glaze on a wheel-thrown pottery jug, the patina of furniture crafted by pioneer hands or wide floorboards worn to a rustic lustre by the tread of untold numbers of feet over time.

As you explore the campus of one of Ohio’s foremost county historical societies, we want you to notice all the little things that whisper subtly to us
of bygone days and the details of a rich and varied history.