Tour the grounds and enjoy the fascinating history of Wayne County

Our large campus offers an exciting glance back in time with tours of historic buildings containing local artifacts.

WCHS Campus Closed for Winter Break
The Wayne County Historical Society campus is closed for regular tours until March 2015. Please call the office if you would like to schedule a group tour during the break.
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From the Collection
Musical Compositions of Elizabeth Wood Vance
Maintained underneath the Wayne County Historical Society of Ohio campus is the Ethel Parker Archive Vault Complex. Inside this vault the society stores rare books, maps, letters, local newspapers, manuscripts, photographs, and many other paper-based artifacts that preserve different facets of Wayne County history. Among the items in this vault are music books, musical scores, … [Read More]
History Bytes
When Hollywood Came Around to the Fairgrounds
Any long-standing resident of Wayne County, Ohio knows the highlight of September is the annual Wayne County Fair. Because the Fair has been around for 127, 154, or 164 years (depending on how you want to count the years: from 1850-1877 it was operated under the Wayne County Agricultural Society that went defunct, from 1878-1880 …